The Honor Code

The Honor Code

Failure to follow these rules can result in character penalty or termination.



- no missing more than 2 scheduled sessions without notification.

- no playing games/being distracted during a session.


- no unwarranted bullying or threatening of another persons character

- no unwarranted “random” killing of other player charcters

- no PvP ganking

- no indirect killing of player characters

- no PvP raging (we’re not in middle school now)

- no stealing player equipment unless you have FAIRLY killed the player without violating other rules.

- Note: unfair PvP will have a zero tolerance policy and there will be no notification if this offence happens.


- no demolition of random structures and towns

- no unwarranted killing of essential NPC’s

- no more than two characters per player

- no raging over any PvE content (come on we’re all adults here)

- no characters based solely on “winning” or meta gaming. This is a STORY BASED world and meta characters are boring and I won’t take them into the campaign


This campaign is designed for all players to enjoy the game. These rules have been placed to minimize problems within the player base and to enhance the experience of the campaign.

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The Honor Code

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