Rise of Gaidon

Rise of Gaidon


Character Limit=8

Ban List=any character that is level 40 an above

Possible Loot

Golem Lord’s Great Hammer

12d100+STRx18+50% chance of Quake

Golem Lord Set

350+DEFx3 nuff said

Titan Slayer Gloves

8d100+STRx8+DEXx8+35% chance to bone break

Titan Mage Stave

+2500 spell power with the ability to increase DEF by 200 at the cost of mobility for 5 energy

Legendary Loot

Dragonslayer Ultra Great Sword


Gaidon’s Set

500+DEFx4+150 STR+ 100 DEF

Titan Grimoire

Spellbook that teaches the user Gaidon’s powerful spells

Mark of Gaidon

Grants the user Gaidon’s scaling once per day (Sorcerer only)


35d100+STRx10+DEXx10+10000 cannon damage

Gaidon’s Ring

Increases the user’s DEF by 50


Rise of Gaidon

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