Yogi Warrior


The Yogi Warriors are monks that have 100% control of all of their cells allowing for extremely powerful techniques to be used. This martial art is only for the most gifted of monks that are willing to put in the work to achieve this power.



Reach of Vishnu

The Yogi Warrior’s limbs can stretch to the point where they can hit enemies, at long range, with melee attacks.

Soul of Rubber

The Yogi Warrior feels no pain and is no stranger to physical trauma. The Yogi Warrior is immune to 50% of physical damage. The Yogi Warrior also cannot be physically hindered accept by dismemberment.

Soul Unity

The Yogi Warrior can detach part of their soul from them self to manifest a clone of them self at any time.

Elevated Being

The Yogi Warrior has permanent levitation, and can fly for up to 4 seconds


The Yogi Warrior’s increases by 50 with each consecutive hit. (resets at the beginning of each round)


Level 1

Element Morph

The Yogi Warrior covers their skin with an elemental effect of their choosing. While active the Yogi Warrior’s attacks cause a giant explosion of that element that deals their WIS stat times 100. (costs 12)

Faze Separation

The Yogi Warrior turns invisible and creates a decoy of their self that can perform all actions the Yogi Warrior can. If the real Yogi Warrior performs an action, the decoy vanishes and the Yogi Warrior is revealed. The decoy will also disappear if they take any form of trauma. (costs 15)

Level 5

Limb Multiplication

The Yogi Warrior can choose any limb on their body and multiply it by 1d20. Actions with that multiplied limb will hit X amount of times with X being the number of duplicates that limb has. (costs 14)

Eye of Storm God

One of the Yogi Warrior’s eyes glow with dark blue energy resulting in enemies, at a higher level than the Yogi Warrior, losing 5 success on everything. (costs 16)

Level 10

Sunlight Ultra Flare

The Yogi Warrior fires a high powered beam, made out of sunlight, that borrows lifeforce from nearby living creatures to increase strength. +500 damage per living creature. (costs 18)

Yogi Teleport

The Yogi Warrior instantly teleports away from the enemy leaving behind a burst of lighting that stuns the enemy leaving them vulnerable for an attack. (costs 16)

Level 15

Path of Creation

The Yogi Warrior manifests a giant floating island that the enemy will be automatically transported to. The environment will automatically be 100% hostile toward the enemy with duplicates of random dangerous encounters that have happened throughout the world. (costs 20)

Path of Preservation

The Yogi Warrior can choose one status effect on them self, an ally or an enemy and make that status effect last until the end of the encounter no matter what. (costs 15)

Level 20

Deus Principium: 10 Avatars of Vishnu

The Yogi Warrior takes one of the forms of Vishnu.

Matsya: The Yogi Warrior turns into a giant fish that can hold allies in its belly without damaging them and has 80% damage resistance.

Kurma: The Yogi Warrior turns into a giant blue turtle that emits a nectar from its mouth that heals teammates by the Yogi Warrior’s FTH stat.

Varaha: The Yogi Warrior turns into a titan-sized red boar that gets a 100 times YOUR LEVEL boost to physical attack with guaranteed severe knockback and knockdown.

Narsimha: The Yogi Warrior turns into a giant humanoid lion with ten arms and black fur that has +50% CRIT and guaranteed bleed on every attack. He also has DECASTRIKE on every single melee attack.

Vamana: The Yogi Warrior turns into a dwarf-like creature that has the ability to charm enemies and use them to against their own allies.

Parashurama: The Yogi Warrior transforms into a giant golem, with a battle axe, that gets +100 toward all stats except for VIT which is increased to 1000

Rama: The Yogi Warrior does not transform but, instead, empowers them self to the point where they gain +6 toward success and evasion.

Krishna: The Yogi Warrior summons two of the other avatars for twice the energy cost instead of transforming

Buddha: The Yogi Warrior takes the form of Buddha and sends out a wave of holy energy that augments persuasion so that it has 85% success and banishes all unholy creatures.

Kalki: The Yogi Warrior takes the form of a titan sized man riding a white horse that can only attack once and CLIMAX CRITS on hit.

(costs 30)

Kali Yoga

The Yogi Warrior encases the enemy in a barrier, made of golden energy, that is inescapable by all means. The victim then has all forms of defense removed from them and, lastly, the Yogi Warrior covers their hand in black energy and does a punch that either POWER CRITS, CLIMAX CRITS, or INSTANT KILLS the enemy depending on the roll. (costs 27)


Yogi Warrior

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