Talisman Master


The Talisman Master is a monk that, instead of working toward pushing their bodies beyond their limits, they learn the ancient art of talismans from the eastern lands. Overall there are 11 primary talismans and 19 hidden talismans that the Talisman Master can learn.



Heart of the Cards

The Talisman Master has +5 success when using Talisman abilities.

Mark Objects

The Talisman Master can imbue any inanimate object with a talisman ability

Ritual Enhancement

The Talisman Master has the option to sacrifice 15 energy to make a Talisman CRIT.

Sealing Palm

Melee attacks drain energy as well as HP

Okami’s Hand

The Talisman Master’s talismans count as swift actions.


Level 1

Talisman Number 1: Eye of Amaterasu

The caster’s eye turns purple and allows him or her to see through walls and objects, magical darkness and can identify weakpoints. (costs 8)

Talisman Number 2: Dragon Tornado

The caster summons a giant dragon, made of wind, that acts as the caster’s companion and is able to freely fire air bullets (25d20+WIS) after the character has performed an action. (costs 10)

Level 5

Talisman Number 3: Strength of the Oni

The caster increases their strength and defense by 2d100 and their skin turns red, like a demon. (costs 9)

Talisman Number 4: Speed of the Fox

The caster increases their agility and dexterity by 2d100 and their eyes turn orange. (costs 9)

Level 10

Talisman Number 5: Orochi God Flame

The caster sends a high powered flame that ignites the enemy instantly and cannot be quenched. When the enemy is ignited they take 4d100 per action. (costs 10 per round)

Talisman Number 6: Blade of Susano

The caster summons a katana into their hand that instantly dismembers anything that it touches but is difficult to control, due to its power. (costs 8)

Level 15

Talisman Number 7: 1000 Samurai

The caster creates 3d100 duplicates of themself that deal 10% of the caster’s damage and are out for one round. (they die instantly from any form of trauma) (costs 12)

Talisman Number 8: 47 Ronin

The caster unleashes a barrage of slashes that fire 47 arcs of red energy at the enemy. If the enemy is struck by one they will take hemorrhage damage = to 25 times your DEX stat. (costs 14)

Level 20

Deus Principium: Final Talisman

The caster transcends their humanity granting themself the power of the gods themselves. While active the caster gains +20d100 WIS, STR, DEX and AGI and gains these abilities.

Hatred of Amaterasu: The caster heals themself entirely and manifests a mini planet and sends it down into the enemy resulting in the enemy taking 80d00 damage and breaks all their bones.

Orochi Burst: The caster turns into a hydra with thousands of heads and unleashes a devastating beam of purple energy from each head that instantly power CRITS with a base damage of WIS times 1000 in raw damage.

Susano’s Cloak: The caster creates a giant barrier around themself that has VIT times 100 HP that must be broken before they can be damaged.

(costs 16)

Talisman Number 12: Seal of the Messiah

The caster sacrifices all of their HP, accept for 1 point, in order to eternally seal any enemy at, below, or 5 levels above their level (costs 25)


Talisman Master

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