The Oathbreaker paladin is one that broke their allegiance to their god and instead pursue their own path. They are known to have great control over the rare dread aura but their powers are also risky due to their powers taking directly from their lifeforce.



Contract of Blood

The Oathbreaker gets a +500 damage increase every time they sacrifice HP.

Dark Sacrifice

The Oathbreaker can increase their damage by 200 by sacrificing 20 HP

Shadow Angel

The Oathbreaker, if killed, will come back to life and deal three times the damage and their HP will be determined by the amount of remaining energy they have.

Eye of Truth

The Oathbreaker can always tell when someone is lying to them and can see the true form of any being that is disguised.

Dark Passion

The Oathbreaker, if first initiative is gained, will CRIT on all successful rolls.


Level 1

Phantom Blood Strike

The Oathbreaker strikes the enemy completely freezing over their blood. While active the enemy is completely paralyzed and will die instantly if left in this state for more than 3 hours. (costs 9 HP to use)

Death Cleave

The Oathbreaker strikes the enemy with an additional 1000 DREAD damage added onto their weapon. If this attack kills then the enemy will resurrect as an undead. (costs 11 HP to use)

Level 5

Heavy Grind

The Oathbreaker’s blood turns black and they become 50% resistant to all damage and cannot be effected by status effects. (costs 10 HP per round)

Wrathe Spikes

The Oathbreaker can add dark spikes onto any object to deal damage, = to their FTH stat times 10, that bypasses all forms of defense. (costs 16)

Level 10

Burial Blade

The Oathbreaker opens up a giant black hole underneath the enemy and spikes them into it resulting in the enemy being trapped in the land of the dead. While active the Oathbreaker has the option to walk into the land of the dead with their victim and attack them as they please. (non-undead characters take 50 damage per round in the land of the dead in PvP and 500 in PvE. The Oathbreaker is not effected by this status at all) ) (costs 25 HP to use)

Soul Drainage

The Oathbreaker grabs an enemy and drains 50% of their HP making it their own. (costs ALL energy)

Level 15

Void Pull

The Oathbreaker turns into a black hole that will instantly deal WEAPONDAMAGE+FTH times 10 and has 80% dismember rate. The Oathbreaker’s AGI is also 500 while in black hole form. (costs 35 HP to use)

Heart Rip

The Oathbreaker strikes the enemy’s heart for instant critical damage and has a 25% chance to power CRIT. If the Oathbreaker power CRITs then the enemy’s heart will be removed and the applicable effect will take place (instant kill, high damage, etc.) (costs 40 HP to use)

Level 20

Deus Principium: Grimm Fate

The Oathbreaker transforms into a legendary reaper knight, a dark knight that has a hood and black cloak. While active, the Oathbreaker has +15 success, +25% POWERCRIT, and can sacrifice X amount of HP to fire a beam of black energy that will deal X times 100 damage with X being the amount sacrificed. (costs 50 HP to use)

Blacksword Cross

The Oathbreaker piledrives the enemy into the Shadowrealm and rapidly strikes them with his or her weapon until they hit the ground. When they hit the ground the Oathbreaker manifests a dark upside down cross that hold the enemy in place. The Oathbreaker then summons a black javelin into their hand and throws it into the enemy resulting in the enemy taking 80d100+FTH damage. (costs 50 HP to use)



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