The Evangelists are clerics that vowed to take a more peaceful route and would rather help others than to break their oath or go kill demons. With the dangers in today’s society Evangelists are an absolute necessity for healing and protecting the ones that cannot fight for themself.



Let There Be Light

The Evangelist has guaranteed success on supportive rolls.

Virgo’s Heart

The Evangelist, at the beginning of an encounter, can cast 3 supportive spells on the party.

First Knight’s Protection

The Evangelist will not take damage from the first attack they are hit by in an encounter.

Blood of the Innocent

Characters under the Evangelist’s level take 50% less damage and any civilians in the area are immune to all damage.

Helping Hand

The Evangelist gets 2 more support phases during their turn


Level 1

Ultra Haste

The Evangelist increases the party’s AGI and DEX by their FTH stat and adds 5 to their initiative. (costs 10)

Ultra Strength

The Evangelist increases the party’s STR and DEF by their FTH stat and increase (costs 10)

Level 5

Mind Liberation

The Evangelist increases the party’s FTH, WIS, INT, and CHAR by their FTH stat and doubles the damage of all party spells. (costs 14)

Death Watch

The Evangelist sends golden light into ally making it so that, if they die, they will instantly revive at full HP. (costs 18)

Level 10


The Evangelist increases the party’s success by 6 and CRIT by 25%

War Blessing

The Evangelist flat out increases the party’s damage and resistence by 10 times their FTH stat. (costs 13)

Level 15

Circle of Serenity

The Evangelist encases the party in an immortal barrier that heals the party by 25 per action. This barrier will be active for 1 round.

Smiting Glyph

The Evangelist lays down a glyph that paralyzes the enemy on contact for 1d4 rounds and has 1d6 AOE. (costs 12)

Level 20

Deus Principium: Immortal State

The Evangelist becomes immune to all damage and status effects. Their FTH stat also increases by 500. However, they cannot attack. (costs 25)

Golden Heart

The Evangelist makes one member of the party immune to taking all damage for one round. (costs 24)



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