Diablo (details)


Diablos are the spawn from The Infernal World that serve under the demon king Valvix. Diablo devote their life to hunting and killing the fair Icarus and eventually killing Virgo, however, not all Diablo fall into this stereotype. Diablo are not accepted in almost never accepted in any town that is under Virgo’s religion.



Imp Axe

At level 1 the Diablo can create an axe made of fire that immediately deals damage = to their level times 100. (costs 6)

Devil Edge

At level 10 the Diablo can spawn a sword out of thin air that deals sneak attack damage on hit.
(costs 10). Deals your level times 25.

Polarity Shift

At level 20 the Diablo can change to other forms beyond the generic Diablo.
Allurin: +25 CHAR, Charm, becomes immune to magical detection and has telekinesis and is able to speak all languages (costs 8)

Killer: +15 STR, +15 DEX, Tornado Berserk, turns invisible while standing still in darkness, has double damage, and can teleport (costs 10)

Shaman: +15 INT, +15 FTH, Gargantuan, can fly, walk on water, walk through walls, dream warp (costs 9)

Protection of the Father

At level 30 the Diablo can increase their defense vs holy and cannot be instantly killed by enemies by any means. If the Diablo is damaged ,during this state ,then they will become immune to whatever damage type hit them. (costs 12)

Ballista of Hell

At level 40 the Diablo can bring forth the ballista of hell that deals 1/2LEVELd100 RAW FIRE DAMAGE+YOUR HIGHEST STAT. The sound of the ballista naturally attracts 1d6 random demonic mobs. (costs 15)

Red King/Queen State

At level 50 the Diablo can assume the Red King/Queen state that will force all enemies to roll a CON check. If that check fails then the enemy is paralyzed. While in Red state the Diablo is considered a GOD (nothing but CRITS on success). The Diablo also are IMMUNE to holy while this is active. The effect lasts 1d6 rounds.


No Pain…

The Diablo’s damage increases by 2 times the amount their HP is below the max value..

Demon Buddy

The Diablo can communicate with and befriend demonic mobs using their STR or CHG or ENG in contrast to CHAR.


The Diablo leaves a trail of fire everytime they move that deals 5 times your level to the enemy. This trait can be suppressed if desired.

Master of the Sinister

The Diablo is now has knowledge of almost all that is unholy and against the church, creature wise.

Unwavering Heart

The Diablo can roll CON check upon death to explode into the flames and respawn in the Infernal World where they will be stuck for 1 month in game time.


The Diablo gains +10 VIT, +10 CON, +10 CHAR, +10 ENG



The Oni are diablo of the Eastern Land that have learned advanced martial arts techniques and civilization. Oni have the power to make one of their attacks become a critical variant, has +15% counter and melee accuracy, and gain +1 DEX and SKL per level. (Language: Common, Demonic, Eastern, Ragna)


The Hellion are Diablo that are fugitives from hell. Hellion have the power to see through all forms of darkness, 50% resistance to demonic power, and can enchant with HELLFIRE.

Ashen Devil

The Ashen Devil are Diablo that have been revived after being killed by The Brotherhood of Cinder. Ashen Devils have 50% resist to holy, +15% damage vs holy creatures and can create CINDER items. (Language: Common, Demonic, Necrotic, Horde)


The Luciferian are Diablo that are extremely charismatic and are deceptively good looking. The Luciferian can charm people into falling in love or being affectionate of them, have +4 on all CHAR based checks and have can roll a CHAR check to get general knowledge on an NPC or PC. (Languages: All)

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Diablo (details)

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