The Crusaders were born from the Brotherhood of Cinder and are the main people that hunt and kill demons for a living. Crusaders are known for delving into Hell and staying their for years. In rare cases, the Crusader would even assume control of demonic armies to slay stronger demon lords.



“I Am Stronger Than Fear Itself”

The Crusader’s presence has a 25% chance to immobilize all unholy enemies with fear.

“I Am The Sword And I Am The Shield

The Crusader has +50 damage rolls and +12 DEF check success

“I Am The One That Watches Over All”

The Crusader has true sight and can see in situations where their vision should be impaired. They also can sense a demonic presence within 5 miles of where they are.

“I Am Invincible In The Face Of Danger”

The Crusader is invincible in the first round if they win first initiative.

“I Am A Crusader

The Crusader CRITS with normal attacks vs. unholy enemies.


Level 1

Great Sword Prison

The Crusader traps the enemy in a prison, made of 10000 swords, that is manifested from power holy energy. While active, the Crusader can send 3d100 swords, from the prison, at the enemy with each sword dealing 3d20+FTH damage. If the enemy is hit by 20 or more swords they become paralyzed (cost 10)

Destruction Blade

The Crusader imbues their weapon with pure destructive energy that creates an explosion with each hit (1d8 AOE) and turns all attacks with that weapon into CRITS. (costs 12)

Level 5

Manhunt Beacon

The Crusader places an invisible glyph on the ground that will paralyze those that enter a 15 foot radius of it and notify the Crusader of their location. This trap is immune to the Truesight effect and magical detection. Can be detected if WIS or FTH are above 100. (costs 14)

Blood and Cinder

The Crusader grabs and burns the enemy from the inside out reducing them to ash. After the enemy has been reduced to ash then the ashes will take shape of a greatsword the Crusader can use as a weapon. The weapon will deal damage = to that enemy’s max HP. Can only be used on enemies below 25% HP (costs 20)

Level 10

Vengeful Heart

This ability automatically triggers if the Crusader has died. Upon activation, the Crusader instantly knows the location of whoever is at fault for their death and has priority on all rolls against these people. This ability will not proc if: the Crusader commits suicide, has died more than three times, or has been killed by a Heretic. (costs 12)

Blood Judgement

The Crusader’s armor turns crimson red and emits a heat so hot that the enemy’s blood boils in their veins. Due to the pain, the enemy will lose 75% success while this is active. (costs 15)

Level 15

Golden Consecration

The Crusader grabs the enemy and coats them with liquefied gold. While active, the enemy will slowly be petrifying until that are completely sealed in gold and turned into a statue. (costs 16)


The Crusader can brand an enemy that is below 10% HP forcing them to work for them. This ability will instantly overtake TOKEN type enemies for 25% the energy cost. (costs 12)

Level 20

Deus Principium: Will of the First Knight

The Crusader their weapon into the Blade of the First Knight. While active, this blade has infinite range, deals 50d100+FTH, can open up rifts to other planes, and has a 15% chance of outright insta killing any unholy creature it touches. (costs 15)


The Crusader traps the enemy on a cross and sends them into the dimension of the apostles for 72 hours. While in the dimension of the apostles, the enemy will be constantly attacked by several apostle type enemies with a 25% chance of legendary one showing up. The enemy can throw a save roll will have a -8 disadvantage on escaping the cross. (costs 25)



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