Cosmalon (details)


The Cosmalon are citizens of purgatory that are considered the arbitrators of the world. This race tends to be more wise than the average person and are both athletic and intelligent. Most people value the Cosmalon for its knowledge and rational viewpoint on the world.



Cosmic Energy Ball

At level 1 the Cosmalon can emit a ball of cosmic energy that siphons YOURLEVELd8 HP from the enemy. (costs 5)

Sun and Moon

At level 10 the Cosmalon can create a black hole made of solar energy that sends all enemies into a dark dimension dealing YOURLEVELd10. While in this dimension the enemy takes an additional YOURLEVELd8 and is blinded (cost 10).

Meteorite Skin

At level 20 the Cosmalon can cover themselves with meteorite making themselves take only half damage from all attacks. On top of this, the Cosmalon also gain the ability to fly and their Strength is doubled (costs 10).

Projectile Duplication

At level 30 the Cosmalon can multiply projectiles fired by 1d4 as a free action (costs 14)

Stardust Vultronic Focus

At level 40 the Cosmalon can awaken increasing all stats by 20 per awakening (costs 5) (limit: 5)


At level 50 the Cosmalon can send a meteor made out of cosmic energy into the enemy that has infinite AOE. This attack instantly kills on CRIT and deals YOURLEVELd20 on hit.


Vision of Cos

The Cosmalon now has 360 degree vision and can see through walls

Power of Cos

The Cosmalon now gets +2 toward 3 stats everytime they level up.

Cosmic Channeler

The Cosmalon can channel cosmic power through their weapons and armor naturally adding damage=to twice your level.

Dark Matter

The Cosmalon now has high resistence to dark and can channel dark power through their weapons and armor adding damage=to twice YOURLEVEL.

Constellation of Cos

The Cosmalon’s stats are doubled while the stars are out.


The Cosmalon gain +10 INT, CHAR, STR, AGL



The Stelkron are the Cosmalon that hold the symbol of the stars. The Stelkron have the power to send a volley of 1d6 Shooting Stars that deal your INT or CHAR stat each, make any single hitting attack have 1d8 AOE, and has knowledge of the star constellations and always knows the location of the North Star. (Languages: Common, Cosm, Arcane, Celestial)


The Atervos are the Cosmalon that hold the symbol of the endless black hole of the cosmos. The Atervos have the ability to pull enemies toward them as a free action, has dark vision, and has knowledge of all dark areas. (Languages: Common, Cosm, Necrotic, Demonic)


The Gravia are the Cosmalon that hold the symbol of the natural force of the cosmos. The Gravia have the power to make the area zero gravity once per day, increase the gravity in the area 3 times per day and can create KINETIC enchantments (Languages: Common, Cosm, Arcane, Celestial)


The Solus are the Cosmalon that hold the sign of the sun that rests in the cosmos. The Solus have the power to emit a solar flare 4 times a day that blinds enemies for one round, illuminate an area with the magical light of the sun and can create SOLAR enchantments. (Languages: Common, Cosm, Arcane, Celestial)

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Cosmalon (details)

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