Chosen One


The Chosen Ones are people, chosen by fate, to become beings of great power and strength. All chosen ones are extremely gifted and are cursed with the burden of being in constant danger, due to their power being so desirable and rare.



Limit Breaker

Every stat point speced, for a Chosen One, adds two points instead of just one after defeating a higher level enemy (must be within 24 hours of killing that enemy).

No Pain No Gain

The Chosen One is fired up by challenge and deals twice the damage while below half HP

Be Like Water My Friend

If the Chosen One is hit by a status effect he or she has a 35% chance of converting that status effect into their own power and is able use it against the enemy.

“Scream Like A Girl”

If the Chosen One gets a roll above 15 then the enemy will scream loudly resulting in all other enemies getting stunned.

Light As Air

The Chosen One has +4 success toward evasion.


Level 1

God State

The Chosen One’s hair turns red and all of their stats get mulitplied by 2d20. The Chosen One, however takes twice the damage in this state. This effect can be stacked up to three times (increased damage to Chosen One does not stack) (costs 14)

God Fist

The Chosen One does a normal punch that deals YOUR LEVEL times your WIS stat in damage. (costs 10)

Level 5

Flash Knee

The Chosen One sprints at the enemy knees them into the air allowing for a guaranteed 1d6 juggles. The final attack in the juggle attack combination will CRIT. (costs 15)

Hell Sender

The Chosen One, while the enemy is in midair, spikes them to the ground dealing 10 times the Chosen One’s attack damage with a 20% chance of the enemy bouncing off the ground. (costs 8)

Level 10

Instant Transport Blast

The Chosen One Teleports behind the enemy and unleashes a Chakra Beam that deals their WIS stat times 100 and has a 35% chance of dealing sneak damage. (costs 10)

Reset Grab

The Chosen One grabs the enemy and stuns them putting them back in a neutral position. After the enemy has been placed back in a neutral position then they must roll a save roll to escape the Chosen One’s combo. If they fail the save roll then the Chosen One’s turn resets allowing for more additional attacks. (costs 15)

Level 15

Chakra Focus: Blaster

The Chosen One focuses all of his or her chakra into their projectiles making their chi-based projectiles hit 1d6 times and deal twice the damage. Cannot melee while in this state (costs 12)

Chakra Focus: Buster

The Chosen One focuses all of his or her chakra into their melee making their melee attacks have a natural 15% stun, double strike and deal twice the damage. Cannot use projectiles while in this state. (costs 14)

Level 20

Deus Principium: Opening of the Third Eye

The Chosen One opens their third eye and awakens into their true spiritual form. While in this form the Chosen One’s skin turns a different color of the player’s choosing and their hair color will also be of the player’s choosing. While active, the Chosen One can stop time, allowing them to perform 1d10 actions once per battle. The Chosen One also gains +150 times YOUR LEVEL toward damage and +500 toward all stats. (costs 25)

Atomic Punch

The Chosen One strikes the enemy with so much precision that they can split an atom. As a result a nuclear explosion is triggered and the enemy takes ATTACK DAMAGE + 10 times YOUR LEVEL (costs 20)


Chosen One

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