The Barbarian is an in-your-face dps based class with a lot of weight behind each attack. They are very melee oriented but can kill extremely fast at close range.



Level 1

Flurry (rank 1)

The Barbarian executes multiple normal melee attacks at the enemy (only 2 at current rank) (costs 5)

Beatdown (rank 1)

The Barbarian executes one powerful blow with his or her weapon gaining 4 extra damage rolls. (costs 4)

Berserker Rampage

The Barbarian rolls 1d6 and can execute normal attacks = to the amount shown on the d6. (costs 10)

Level 2

Blitz (rank 1)

The Barbarian does a super precise attack using their STR or DEX check that has 5 added on to success but deals half damage (hits for double if it CRITS). (costs 3)

Beast Roar (rank 1)

The Barbarian releases a roar that increases his or her defense and attack by 10 and inflicts fear on all enemies that fail a CON check. (costs 6)

Spiral Swing (rank 1)

The Barbarian can execute a spiraling attack with their melee weapon giving it 1d6 AOE and knockdown chance of 5% (costs 7).

Level 3

Flurry (rank 2)

Number of hits goes up to 3 (see "Flurry rank 1 for full ability) (costs 5)

Beatdown (rank 2)

Damage roll increase is now 6 (see Beatdown rank 1 for full ability)

Level 4

Blitz (rank 2)

Now has +10% CRIT chance and success is now increased by 7 (see Blitz rank 1 for full ability) (costs 3)

Beast Roar (rank 2)

Now has +15 to Defense and Attack with -1 to all CON checks that resist the fear effect.

Spiral Swing (rank 2)

Now has 1d8 AOE and 15% knockdown chance

Level 5

Awakening: Berserker Activation

The Barbarian covers themself in black armor making them temporarily immune to all damage but they will take 10 damage per round while this is active. They also will have a 2x damage multiplier (costs 12)

Berserker Rampage (rank 2)

The amount of hits is now 1d10 (see rank 1 version for full ability.) (costs 12)

Super Armor

The Barbarian can cover themself in their natural aura to make their bodies be able to take one hit without taking any damage at all. (costs 8)

Flurry (rank 3)

Number of hits is now 4 (see rank 1 for full ability)

Beatdown (rank 3)*

Damage rolls added on is now 8 (see rank 1 for full ability)

Level 6

Blitz (rank 3)

CRIT increase by 15% and +9 to success instead (see rank 1 for full ability)

Beast Roar (rank 3)

Roar now increases damage and DEF by 20 and -2 to CON checks opposing it.

Spiral Swing (rank 3 )

1d10 AOE with 20% knockdown chance

Burstonic Buster

The Barbarian can unleash a missile, manifested of their aura, at enemies from a distance that deals current weapon damage times two. If there are multiple weapons the barbarian can choose one to cast the ability from (costs 6)

Level 7

Beatdown (rank 4)

There are now 10 damage rolls added on

Flurry (rank 4)

There are now 5 hits in the flurry combo

Berserker Rampage (rank 3)

The number of hits is now 1d20

*Fast Recovery

The Barbarian can recover 10 energy instead of executing a standard action.

Level 8>

Blitz (rank 4)

+20% CRIT, +11 to Success

Beast Roar (rank 4)

+30 DEF and DAMAGE, -3 toward CON checks resisting

Spiral Swing (rank 4)

1d12 AOE, 25% knockdown

Warzone Buster

The Barbarian unleashes a shockwave that knocks all enemies in the air that fail a DEF check and is able to normal attack each one. (costs 10).

Level 9

Hellstorm Rush (Flurry rank 5)

The Barbarian unleashes a ten hit combination inbued with their rage aura that deals extra fire and lightning damage = to the barbarian’s STR or DEX stats. (costs 9)

Wargod Smash (Beatdown rank 5)

The Barbarian unleashes a powerful blow that instantly knocks away all enemies destroying all nearby fragile objects with powerful red aura dealing 50 additional attack rolls for damage.
(costs 11)

Swift Brutality

The Barbarian attacks the enemies vital point precisely gaining an instant critical hit when used with a success increase of 14. (costs 15)

Crimson Vortex

The Barbarian spins around with his rage aura spiraling around him sucking in all enemies in the area. Any enemies that are sucked in take damage = to 5 normal attacks from the barbarian. Can only be resisted by a STR check, DEF check, CON check, teleport or barrier.

Level 10

Rage of the 7 Lords (Berserker Rampage rank 5)

The Barbarian drags the enemy into the land where the God of War resides…the land of endless war!!! While in this world the user gains unlimited energy and is allowed to use 5 abilities on the enemy consecutively in a combination before the enemy is simultaneously attacked by the God of War himself and is sent flying back to the real world (God of War damage= 10d100+STR+CRIT) (costs 25)

Ascension: The Champion of War

The Barbarian is endowed with legendary equipment that halves all oncoming damage and their hit die is now d100 for all moves. The Barbarian also is able to fly, teleport, uses telekinesis, and has twice the attack phases to unleash HELL upon their enemies. (costs 15)

Feats, Stats and Proficiencies


2 melee combat feats
2 general feats
1 bonus feat


Two-Handed melee
One-Handed melee
Dual melee
One Handed ranged
Hand to Hand


The Barbarian get a bonus of 5 to STR, DEX, DEF, VIT, and CON

Class Meta

- +2 toward all melee atk rolls

- Can discover and learn special grapple techniques that will have S scaling on STR and/or DEX. These techniques have a 100% knockdown rate. If the enemy is knocked down by a grapple then they take twice the damage from the attack that the are hit by. Grapple list here

- One days worth of training will level STR, DEX, VIT, CON, or AGI by 5 now.

- +4 Intimidation

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