Goddess of Love/Holy


Virgo is known for her uncanny amount of beauty and her luscious bright blond hair. Some of her most notable features are: her light blue eyes that always have a look of compassion, her perfect body figure, her enchanting smile, and her touch ,which is known to sooth people instantly.

Virgo’s outfit consists of a tight-fitting gold and white dress that drapes and folds slightly to reveal part of her leg and her cleavage.


Virgo is the known as the mother to all that is good in the world and is worshiped and respected by all factions except for ones that are inherently evil. However, despite her popularity, little is actually known about the fair Goddess Virgo accept for the fact that she mysteriously chose Kael Silverhand, a low level paladin, as her spouse instead of one of a higher ranking.

While with Kael, she’s revealed to be quite passive-aggressive when annoyed and is more than capable of holding her own without all the protection she’s given. It’s even said that Virgo can destroy the world by simply saying three words.

Non-Playable Characters


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