Vendrik Senaka

Tavern Owner/ Assassin


Vendrik is known for his shaggy yet spiky black hair and his jet-black eye patch the most. Some of his other features is that he has a very chiseled and masculine face that has a bit of stubble on it with slight evidence of shaving, a very kind and accepting smile, a deep but soothing voice, and a slim but toned physique.

Vendrik can be seen wearing black leather armor with a long black cape coming off his back when he is working as a tavern owner. In combat, he has a similar outfit but with a hood instead.


Senaka once was a great assassin who worked in the field of targeting corrupt officials in the land of Ragnarock. After many years of work, however, he decided to calm down and have a more quiet life in a tavern after many weary years of monotonous assassin work. Despite his past as an assassin, he’s very warm to his guests and is willing to lend a helping hand to all those who come his way.

Non-Playable Characters

Vendrik Senaka

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