Sasha Kaserai

Elven General/ Battlemaster


Sasha is known for her slender body, olive skin, and her forest green eyes. Her other features include, long bright blond hair, subtly toned form, and a large bottom (lol).

Sasha, as an elven general, wears green and black heavy armor as her main form of attire along with a cape with the symbol of Veldra on it.


Sasha has been trained in battle and battle tactics her entire life making her an absolute expert when it comes to tactics. In the ranks of the elven army, Sasha managed to climb to the rank of general in just about 3 short years making her the youngest of the commanding officers. After reaching the rank of general, however, she was given more freedom and she now acts more independently and often helps those whom are in need around the world.

Non-Playable Characters

Sasha Kaserai

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