Demonic Overlord / Accursed King


Rakshas has tall black horns on his head, dark black black eyes, a full beard and always looks either smug or angry. He stands 40 feet tall and has an inhuman level of physique (12 pack abs)

Usually, Rakshas is seen in silver and red demonic armor on his throne. He also carries two infernal blades as his main weapons.


Rakshas is the most infamous demon lord to exist and is uncontested in power and cruelty alike. His main source of infamy is from his mysterious plan to steal the wombs of virgin women to contribute to some big plan of his. To execute these brutal tasks he employs the help of many demons and dark mages alike. Despite using others to do his dirty work Rakshas is extremely versatile in combat with his power being near that of a god.

Non-Playable Characters


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