Leon Reignhart

Paladin Mercenary/Champion


Reignhart has short black hair, is clean shaved, and has a dark ring around his eyes from a lack of sleep. He has a very strong physique that has several scars and marks from numerous battles.

Reignhart often wears black and silver armor with a long silver cape. He also carries a large great hammer that is in the shape of a lion’s head.


Reignhart’s family was killed early in his life by what the church says was a demon. After this tragic event, Reignhart has lived his life searching for the devil that offed his family to the point of near insanity. With little luck Reignhart has devoted most of his time to improving his own strength by facing devils that are stronger than himself. Despite his low sanity he is regarded as one of General Klein’s most valued soldiers due to his incredible fighting ability.

Non-Playable Characters

Leon Reignhart

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