Icarus Captain / Tactician


Isaac has long white hair, a sleek and handsome face and dark grey eyes. His physique is extremely slim with hints of tone to his body.

He usually wears black and gold medium armor with a golden hood to conceal himself when he wants to.


Isaac, as a full blooded icarus, lived most of his life in The Promise Land training with to become a paladin. After many years of pre-training, Isaac took the paladin trial only to fail due to falling ill during the final event of the trial for aspiring paladins. Disappointed, Isaac became a Fighter instead and honed his swordsmanship and leadership in solitude so that he’s able to stay relevant in Virgo’s ranks. Luckily, he’s related to Virgo’s first knight, Kael, which keeps his name relevant among the ranks of the Promise Land.

Non-Playable Characters


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