Prince of Storms / Demigod


Indra has dark black hair that comes down his shoulders, brighter blue eyes, and a small portion of facial hair and is unfairly handsome. His physique is a nice balance of tone and mass which complements his handsome features.

Indra usually wears light Red and Black armor with armor sleeves, made of silver, over his arms. He does not need a weapon in combat.


Indra spent most of his life exploring the world and becoming one with its people. Due to this, he feels a connection to all forms of life, even demons. As a prince and a demigod, his family expected him to get married and so Indra searches for a woman with similar values. On his search he found Skyla who ended up falling for him after being courted by many other princes and they got married shortly afterward. Indra does his best to support Skyla’s decisions but is skeptical of her decision to hire Von Everec to assist in getting rid of Diva.

Non-Playable Characters


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