Bandit Leader/Rouge Mage


Beowulf is mainly known for his long white beard that has two small dwarven braids in it and his completely bald head. Despite being a magic user, Beowulf’s physique is on par with a high caliber fighter and his swordplay is equally so.

Beowulf is usually seen wearing a hide kilt and a large machete on his back.


Beowulf was once a mage, who went by the name Linus, who had a natural talent upon birth with using ice. After the discovery of Linus being a natural frost user he was immediately sent to Claighan’s academy, which is the main magic school. While at the academy, Linus quickly became bored with his studies and sought excitement in his life. Two years later, after several semesters, he creates a plan to escape the academy. Using a few blast flasks he makes a distraction for the guards and makes his way toward the exit freezing all that come in his way. After his escape he vanished for 10 years and is seen again in the form of the bandit leader…Beowulf.

Non-Playable Characters


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