Version 1.01

-Damage multiplier changed so that character damage is lower in base form giving more incentive to transform against stronger opponents. Enemy vitality is lowered as a result of this patch, however.

-Celestial Walker’s Time Stop now is once per day and the paladin cannot perform special attacks while time is stopped but it is now moved to being a free action

-Clerics can no longer do “reaction spells” to protect themselves or their allies from damage and must prepare in advance instead.

-Multiple Cleric specials have been lowered to once a day usage

-Monks can now have an additional attack every round

-Barbarian ATK increased

-Barbarian awakenings increased in power

-Paladin energy cost increased for more powerful special moves

-Sea of Life healing lowered to only 50% and can be resisted by higher level enemies

-Cleric barrier HP increased so it’s not broken as easily

-Enemy gets 2 saves against stealth users if they do not have a "Truesight ability

-Cooldown added on Barbarian grapple techiques

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