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Welcome to Ascension Wiki!

This is where you can get any lore or character information while outside of the campaign.

Player Characters

Wanna view another PC’s background? Or perhaps you want to narcissistically stare at your own? Well here is a link to player character information.

Non-Playable Characters

Wanna learn more about a particular character? Do you wanna know more about a particular enemy? Then look no further because this is the section for all NPC’s encountered by the players!


Like to read up on the lore of the many places that can be explored in this world? Or perhaps you need to look up information to use in the future. Well all lore is stored in this neat little area.

Character Creation and System Info

Use this to view all classes, races and abilities in the game. Can be used as a reference for creating a character sheet.

Code of Honor

This Page is dedicated to rules that the players should keep in mind at all times when playing.

Patch Notes

You knew this was coming


New challenge based missions that will grant high amounts of XP and loot.

Main Page

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