Apprentice/Aspiring Wizard


Has short brown hair with dark brown eyes. Due to problems with his vision, he also wears large glasses most of the time. Zenetar also has a very weak physique and a shaky, unsure voice.

Usually, Zenetar can be seen in an apprentice robe with a small wizard hat on with his spellbooks clenched close to his chest. He also has a large wooden great stave that his uses to cast his spells.


Zenetar is the top ranking student at Claighan’s School for Magic. As a top student, he is relatively sharp in the arcane arts but is extremely afraid of conflict. Due to this, Zen rarely goes on adventures or exploring in fear of getting into some trouble. Despite this, Zen has a hidden rage and an untapped potential that is lurking within him. Some of the professors at the magic school say that if he ever reaches full potential he may become unstoppable.

Non-Playable Characters


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