Son of War/Forgotten Prince


Status: Alive

Level: 10

Class: Barbarian (Berserker)

Guild: Adventure Club



Vegra, in his early life, discovered that he is the descendant of the god of war. Due to being a descendant of the god of war, he was invited to his palace along with any other family members that were willing to make the journey. After heading to the palace with his parents Vegra lived and trained their happily for 3 years before tragedy struck. The tragedy began when the god of war is challenged by a war general to a duel. Whoever wins this duel gets the position of being the god of war. The god of war refuses but this war general does not stop here.

Later that day, the war general invades the god of war’s palace killing all in sight, including Vegra’s parents and the rest of his family. Afterward pursuing the god of war and eventually defeating him as well. Vegra, in a desperate attempt to save the god of war, charges this general with his blade only to be stabbed in the back by on the general’s henchman and knocked unconscious. Vegra would have bled to death if it were not for a man, named Maxon, who managed to rescue Vegra and bring him to the surface world.

Vegra, after being rescued, has been training to get revenge the ones that killed his family and spends most of his time adventuring. He has also picked up blacksmithing as a hobby and works for Vendrik Senaka, a middle-aged tavern owner.


Player Characters


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