Skyla Heart

Princess of White Elves/Aspiring Healer


Status: Alive

Level: 10

Class: Cleric

Guild: Brotherhood of Cinder

Spouse: Indra, Prince of Storms



Skyla, as princess of the White elves, spent most of her life in the castle. With such a secluded lifestyle, she’s never been able to see the world and all of its wonders that it has to offer. Due to curiosity, she often sneaks out of the castle to explore and often gets herself into trouble while doing so. Luckily, her friendly attitude incline many travelers to help her in her many endeavors. Skyla also has a great desire to meet a handsome prince that will wisk her away like in the fairy tails. Unfortunately, she’s had very little luck with finding a prince due to having strict parents.

After many years spent alone in her tower, she met a vampire prince by the name of Zaros that she fell in love with instantly. However, her happiness is short-lived due to Zaros being seduced by a succubus named Diva who casted a spell that bound Zaros’ soul to her own. After losing Zaros to Diva Skyla pledged herself to the Brotherhood of Cinder to receive the training that she needs in order to defeat Diva and take back the one that she loves!

While training with the Brotherhood she ended up meeting the demigod Indra, who was another man who was interested in her, that swept her away even more so than Zaros did himself and they got married as a result. However, with Diva getting ready to achieve royal status, Skyla feels like this may not be the last time she will have to deal with Diva.


Player Characters

Skyla Heart

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