Silverfang has dark grey grey hair, dark rings around his eye and a naturally creepy smile on his face. He has a very slim physique and is decently handsome if one can get past his smart ass personality.

Silverfang wears a long dark cloak with either a hood or a cloak over his head. Underneath he wears dark grey leather armor. On his belt he carries two ancient crafted daggers.


Silverfang, as a thief, often finds himself wandering markets and pinching gold from others for his own amusement. If he not doing that then he’s hitting on women in the tavern and getting drunk. Some people reported seeing Silverfang steal back gold from Beowulf’s bandits but there is no proof of Silverfang doing such and action and is disregarded as rumor. The biggest mystery about Silverfang, however, is how he acquired two ancient crafted daggers which were said to be completely gone after the ancient times.

Non-Playable Characters


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