Maxon the Blader

Diablo Hero/ Swordmaster


Maxon has short red horns, black eyes, a chiseled face and is clean shaven. He is of moderate height and is very muscular.

Maxon can be seen in either basic leather armor or his metal war costume that is made of the bones of the many demons that he killed. The helm of the metal armor is in the shape of a skull.


Maxon, at age 16, managed to escape Hell after a childhood of torment from the demon lord Rakshas. In order to escape, Maxon had to teach himself the way of the sword and increase his fighting ability by repeated entering gladiator matches surviving by the skin of his teeth every time. After Maxon managed to get strong enough he escapes by killing his way through hell until he passes out. When Maxon wakes up he’s in the land of Ragnarock apparently rescued from hell by Vendrik Senaka.

Non-Playable Characters

Maxon the Blader

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