Lord Steel

King of Ragna / Lord of Metal


Steel has long brown hair that flows fabulously, green eyes, a full beard that comes down to his chest and a handsome face. He also is known for his fair physique and absolutely godlike chest hair that women would die for.

Steel often wears a tunic that is open at the top to show off his majestic chest hair and he also has a crown with green gems in it. His main weapon is a giant steam guitar that he uses to play music when he performs.


Lord Steel is the current king of Ragna and is the world’s strongest bard. Before becoming king, he fought in the world’s largest war to gain independence from the Hemideus land, called Vaisoth. After winning the war, he helped raise the nation of Ragna, which is still relevant today. Unfortunately, tensions still remain between him and the king of Vaisoth, who wants to reunite Ragna and Vaisoth.

Non-Playable Characters

Lord Steel

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