Kael Silverhand

Protector of Virgo/Halfling Paladin


Status: Immortal

Level: 11

Class: Paladin

Guild: Protectors of Virgo

Spouse: Virgo



Kael, throughout his life, has lived to simply help others and maintain peace throughout the world. Being such a strong believer and peace he takes up arms with the paladins at the young age of fourteen. After years of strenuous training he manages to become a full blown paladin and remains humble, despite his position. Shortly after achieving this position, Kael’s current girlfriend, Sofia, was murdered by a demon by the name of Vysara leaving Kael devastated. Despite the tragedy Kael maintains his composer and, instead of immediately charging toward revenge, he looks to Virgo for love and support. Mysteriously enough Virgo seems to have a naturally high affinity with Kael to the point where they would meet regularly and is notably one her few friends.

Kael, due to a difference of beliefs, has always bumped heads with another paladin named Leon Reignhart. Reignhart thinks of Kael as incompetent and foolish for his altruistic ways and is angered even more when Kael does friendly gestures towards him. Reignhart also suspects that there is more to Kael than what meets the eye due to an unnatural power surging inside of Kael.

Due to his close relationship with Virgo, he was chosen to her spouse and serves as her last line of defense if an attacker came to the Promise Land to assault her.


Player Characters

Kael Silverhand

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