John Nash

Monk Student / Cohesive Unit Member


Status: Alive

Class: Monk

Level: 11

Guild: The Cohesive Unit



John Nash was trained for five years in the land of Vaisoth in martial arts by a woman named Xaria of the Eastern Jungle. Even with this small time of formal training John was able to pick up the basics of martial arts before tragedy struck in his life. When John was 10 years old, his parents were murdered by a mysterious man and left John devastated. Due to being in extreme grief, John left his training school and journeyed off aimlessly.

Unfortunately, John ended up in the jungle where the climate was very uncomfortable for him. To make matters worse John ended up getting stuck there for 14 years before he gained his freedom from the jungle. Just days after leaving the jungle, John came across the Cohesive Unit, a very strange guild, and joined up with them after being charmed by their incredibly handsome guild leader.

After joining the Cohesive unit, John has been constantly training under several different mentors to hone his skills in fighting.


Player Characters

John Nash

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