Chaos Monk/Cosmic Visionary


Infinity has grey skin and long black hair that has a spiky texture due to being a Cosmalon. He usually maintains a serious look on his face and is mostly known for his slim but heavily muscular build that he has.

Infinity is known to wear black and silver armor with dark colored monk robes over it. His robes are not well kept and have many tears in them as a result. On top of this, he’s often seen in a silver mask to hide the fact that he’s a Cosmalon.


Infinity once was a part of an ancient monk academy known as Osuro’s Palace that was destroyed by a mysterious dark force. Being one of the few survivors of the incident Infinity became a nomad wandering aimlessly through the many forgotten places of the world. As a way to keep his skills sharp, Infinity often challenges warriors that he deems strong so that he can become familiar with the different types of fighting styles of the world.

Non-Playable Characters


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