Grandmaster Claighan

Magical Grandmaster/Head of Claighan's School of Magic


Claighan has a long white beard, a naturally glum look on his face, slightly drooping eyes, and rough wrinkly skin that feels scaly when touched.

Claighan’s attire consists of a long grey mage cloak and a massive grey wizard hat to go with it (about a meter in diameter).


Claighan is the last of the first survivors of the “Darkness Crisis”. Due to this, he holds lots of knowledge of what the world was like before the great ascension, however, Claighan has been known to never share any secrets of the old world with anyone. When Claighan first made it into the new world, as a mage, he devoted most of his time trying to trace the source of the “Darkness” to no avail. After many tiring years of studying the “Darkness” he founded his own college for mages. It was meant to inspire and teach new magic users how to not only use magic more effectively but to inspire a new generation to finish the research that he started.
Age: 74

Non-Playable Characters

Grandmaster Claighan

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