General Klein

Icarus General/Lead Paladin


General Klein has shoulder length blond hair, a little bit of stubble on his face and a naturally serious expression at all times. His physique is strong and balanced with a very defined tone.

Klein is mostly seen in white and gold heavy armor with a long white cape most of the time. His cape can transform into wings if flight is ever required for him.


Klein, as the leader of the paladins, is in charge of Virgo’s forces and operations. He also put together a special training program to determine who will become a paladin and who will not. This training pushes those that go through it to their limits and only .005% make it through the program. Through this program, Klein created one of the strongest paladin forces in the universe. Outside of his duties, Klein constantly spends his time with his family that he keeps in hiding due to constant attacks from sellswords.

Non-Playable Characters

General Klein

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