Ervard Von Everec

Kaiser Rogue / Pirate Captain


Status: Alive

Level: 7

Class: Rogue

Guild: He Owns One



Von Everec was an ancient pirate captain who’s original ship and crew were annihilated by a terrible storm. As the sole survivor, Von Everec searched for a new crew so he can start his empire, in the crime universe, once again. Lucky for him, he managed to recruit people who were originally unemployed in the Kaiser Fleet and even supported the poorer communities there in exchange for their loyalty.

Currently, he has been hired by Skyla to help her get rid of Diva and a “tyrannical” division in the Brotherhood of Cinder. Upon reaching Diva, he decided to recruit her and offer protection to her in exchange for her services.

Due to searching for Diva, Von Everec has found himself and his crew in Hell, however, due to his calm demeanor, he sees Hell as a very profitable area and is putting his soul on the line to discover the ultimate treasure there.


Player Characters

Ervard Von Everec

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