Servant of Rakshas / Succubus


Diva has long blue hair, short horns, red eyes, and an irresistibly beautiful face with a devilish smirk on it. Her body is short but busty and she naturally moves flirtatiously.

Diva likes to often wear as little clothes as possible ranging from skimpy dresses, to lingerie, to full on nudity.


Diva is a succubus that was created by Rakshas to perform special operations for him. One of her operations was to get into a position of power on the surface world. In order to execute this plan properly, she ends up seducing the vampire prince Zaros and gets him to call off his wedding with Skyla, the princess of the White Elves. Diva is said to be a master sorceress with skills in both destruction magic and dark magic making her a very dangerous foe. Luckily, The Brotherhood of Cinder have set their eyes on her and she is being hunted by them.

Diva is seen as a role model to all succubus, due to her independence. However, her commitments start to waver when her life is put at risk and she’s quick to retreat from a situation she cannot handle. Diva does regret her actions against Skyla, not because she feels bad but because these actions could mean her demise.

Non-Playable Characters


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