Steam Smith / Drunken Savant


Status: Alive (inactive)

Class: Ranger

Level: 2

Guild: None


Cameron, most of his life, trained under the famous steam smith, named Gor of Black Conduit, and is extremely proficient in usage of magitech technology due to this. As a steam smith, Cameron is able to do most repairs with ease and is highly valued by Gor and the other steam smiths of the Kaiser Fleet. He is not interested in many things outside of having a good time and learning as much as he can about constructing equipment.

If push comes to shove Cameron will jump into action using his versatile set of weapons and drunken wit to stop enemies in their tracks. As of now Cameron has allied himself with an Icarus, named Isaac, who asked him to join him on more journeys after Cameron helped him track down an Oathbreaker.

Player Characters


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