Witch/Necromancer/Queen of the Undead


Annalise has numerous appearances that she can take depending on the situation. Her favorite form to take, however, is the form of a beautiful well endowed woman that has long straight light green hair. Her other forms include a little girl, a dragon and a wrath.

In her woman form she wears a tight fitting black dress that shows a very large portion of cleavage and is removable with a snap of her fingers. This makes it easy for her to seduce her opponents if she so desires to. In her little girl form, she wears a dirty brown dress giving the impression that she is poor. In dragon form Annalise is a giant dragon with black scales. And in her wrath form she is a formless wrath made of black smoke.

Age: ???


Little is truly known about the witch Annalise. Some lore books suggest her presence in times as far back as the times of the old gods but no proof of that can be found, due to Annalise staying under the radar most of the time. However, she could not stay under the radar forever.

Eventually the Brotherhood of Cinder, a group of fanatics that kill everything dark or demonic, found her and attempted to burn her to death resulting in Annalise nearly dying in the encounter. However, she assumed her dragon form and devoured the members of this cult that dared try to kill her. Unfortunately, this brought the worlds attention to her and made the Brotherhood of Cinder her sworn enemy for eternity.

Non-Playable Characters


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